Marla Ramirez (CHST PhD, 2015) Giving Voice

Dr. Ramirez notes:

Writing about the Mexican repatriation program is always a hard and emotional process for me due to my own immigration status and my family's immigration history. Under this administration, however, this process has become even more emotionally taxing. The families that participated in my research keep me focused and inspired to continue this work. I am forever thankful for their trust, willingness to share their personal and sometimes painful histories, but also their joy and resilience in the face of injustice. At the end of the spring semester, the media relations office on my campus, San Francisco State University, interviewed me about my research. I was then invited by other news outlets to participate in more interviews throughout the summer. I am working on a two journal articles and my book project, cannot wait to continue sharing this important history with the general public and academic audiences. Here are some of the stories that covered my work: 

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