CH ST 191J: Spirituality as Resistance in meXicana/o Art Practice and Culture

Professor Celia Herrera-Rodriguez will teach CH ST 191J Special Topics - Spirituality as Resistance in meXicana/o Art Practice and Culture: Recovery and Reclamation of Cultural Sovereignty Through Art Practice, Ritual & Ceremony in Winter quarter 2018.

Time: Tuesdays 3:00pm-5:50pm

Location: South Hall, Room 1623

This course will focus on the development of art as social practice specifically in the meXicana/o Latina/o & Indigenous communities.  The course involves standard art historical pedagogy: critical and art historical readings and discussion, related literature, and audio-visually enhanced lectures in combination with art practice. The class is based on the methods Chicana/o artists developed to engage and maintain relationships in community as a way of keeping meXicana/o culture alive and growing. Thus the class is structured to provide a similar experience of reading, reflection, and discussion combined with the process of developing and integrating personal experience and history into an expression of art as social practice in community.