Aracely Garcia-Gonzalez

Graduate Student


Latina Sexuality; Embodied Sexual Aesthetics; Racialized Sexuality; Feminized Labor within Modern Capitalism; Digital Sex Work; Sex and Cultural Production



BA in Humanities and Communications UCSB
MA in Chicana/o Studies


Aracely is a first-generation Chicana from the Central Valley of California (209). She has a B.A. in Humanities and Communications and Chicana/o Studies and an MA in Chicana and Chicano Studies. Aracely works with a local non-profit in implementing anti-bias and anti-racism curriculum in the K-12 system. She organizes parent outreach groups with Latinx local families and strategizes action plans for parents confronting racism and other bias at the local schools. Her dissertation investigates digital media’s role in identity formation for Latinas and illuminates Latina artists, Latina Webcam models, and cultural workers such as Cardi B and Lupe Velez as performances of embodied sexuality directly challenging ideas of respectable Latina femininity. Aracely centers digital sex workers and cultural workers and investigates how they challenge Latinx cultural associations and larger discourses of pleasure and play.


CHST 1B: Introduction to Gender