Information for AB 540 Students

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Post-Election Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The information below is informational and does not constitute legal advice. Each individual case is different, and advice may vary depending on the situation. If you have any questions about your case, please contact a Center attorney for a consultation as soon as possible.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ("DACA")

1. Will I still be able to work with my current, unexpired DACA EAD card after the Presidential Inauguration?

It depends on whether the new president repeals DACA. If and when DACA is repealed you will no longer be able to work with your EAD card even if it is unexpired. Many groups are asking that the new president not take back the unexpired cards but we do not know how he will respond to that request. 

I currently have DACA but it expires next year. Should I file a DACA renewal application? You can apply for DACA renewal, but see below:



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