Gerardo Aldana

Director of Repository for Archaeological and Ethnographic Collections

Contact Phone

(805) 893-5713

Office Location

1710 South Hall


B.S.: University of California, Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering
M.S.: University of California, Irvine, Mechanical Engineering
A.M.: Harvard University, History of Science
Ph.D.: Harvard University, History of Science


  • Mayan hieroglyphic history
  • Mesoamerican art
  • Experimental archaeology
  • Science studies
  • Culture theory
  • Indigeneity


Online Presentation:  "K'uk'ulkan and Other Feathered Serpents," The Precolumbian Society of the University of Pennsylvania Museum. December 10, 2022
Podcast on Calculating Brilliance, "Mesoamerican Studies On Air" September 14, 2022
Podcast on Ancient Mayan Astronomy, “What the IF?” August 5, 2022
Online Presentation:  “Quetzalcoatl and the Dresden Codex Venus Table,” Institute for Maya Studies Public Lecture.  July 20, 2022
Online Presentation:  “On the Intellectual Cost of Conquest,” Art, Design & Architecture Museum ‘Amid a Pandemic’ Lecture Series. May 22, 2021