Mariano Nava

Graduate Student


Mariano Nava Botello is a fourth year graduate student in the Department of Chicana and Chicano [Xicanx] Studies working at the intersections of art aesthetics, education policy, and U.S. history. His work critically analyzes public timelines and the graphical representations of U.S. citizenship inside U.S. history textbooks as they function to create and shape a white hegemonic U.S. citizenship across space and time. In considering Xicanx murals as alternative ontological sites of knowledge production to Western conceptions and understandings of citizenship, space and time allows for a radical reimagining of all three within the U.S. public timeline narrative. Inspired most by media and pop culture, Mariano’s goal is to challenge his audiences understanding and remembrance of history by way of text-to-screen adaptations. His dream is to change public education policy to refund the arts and humanities.