Planned Undergraduate Course Schedule

Planned Course Schedule, AY 2021-2022:

This schedule of courses is subject to change. Current UCSB students should monitor the Gaucho On-Line Data (GOLD) system for official course schedule details.


Fall 2021

Winter 2022

Spring 2022

1C Introduction to Chicano/a Studies

1A Introduction to Chicano/a Studies

1B Introduction to Chicano/a Studies

128 Spirituality as Resistance

113 Critical Introduction to Ancient Mesoamerica

110 Research Methods

141 Central Americans in the United States

 117 Aztec and Maya Mythologies 

118 The Scientific Revolution and Non-Western Epistemologies

146 Human and the Chicana/o Art

125A MeXicana/o/x Art History (1948-1975)

110 Research Methods in Chicano Studies

151 De-Colonizing Feminism

148 Chicana Art and Feminism 

143 Chicana/o Film Studies

195A Community Studies and Outreach

158 Spoken Word Art Performance 

166 Issues in Contemporary Chicana/o and Latina/o Politics

192HR Group Studies for Advanced Students

158L SWAPA Lab

171 The Brown/Black Metropolis

197HA Honors Project Seminar


168I Latino Autobiography and History

183 Border Narrative


170A Chicano Political Organizing: Proseminar in Theory & History

185 De-Colonizing CyberCinema


174A The Politcal Philosophy of Cesar Chavez 

185L De-Colonizing CyberCinema Lab


180 Survey of Chicano Literature

187 Language, Power, and Learning 


184A Chicana Writers

193 Senior Seminar

  195B Community Studies and Outreach 197HC Honors Project Writing
  197HB Honors Research Project  


Add Codes:

In our department, instructors administer their own add codes. If you are interested in requesting an add code, you should contact the instructor listed on GOLD. Our faculty and instructor contact information is available in the People section of this website, and on the UCSB Directory, link:


Our department prioritizes declared Chicana/o Studies majors in registration Pass 1. Our classes open to non-Chicana/o Studies majors in Passes 2 and 3.

In order to enroll in a class that requires discussion sections, you should register in your target section in order to add the course.


Our waitlists prioritize declared Chicana/o Studies majors by class-standing, then all other majors by class-standing.

If you are waitlisted for a course with sections, then you should waitlist for more than one section in order to maximize the likelihood of enrolling in the course.

Course Descriptions:

Chicana/o Studies General Catalog

Petition Process

If you are interested in petitioning a course to count toward the Chicana/o Studies major, you may send the request to Professor Sandoval (, Chicana/o Studies Director of Undergraduate Studies. The request should include:

  • The syllabus for the course
  • List the quarter that you completed the course
  • Your grade
  • The requirement that you wish to target with your petition.